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About Us

Wootz is an independent street fashion brand founded by Azadvir Singh in 2012. The London based label draws inspiration from Punjab, whose rich history of evocative poetry, vibrant art, and heroic revolutionaries form the vision of designs throughout the collections.

Wootz is named after the legendary Wootz steel: a premium metal originating from South Asia that was used to forge formidable blades favoured by warriors and royalty alike. Revered for its mythical properties, iconic designs, and arrestingly detailed craftsmanship, the legacy of a Wootz blade is honoured today through our collection of graphic tees, hoodies, and backpacks, all of which are hand finished in London.

Wootz is instantly recognised by the tiger emblem, a symbol of willpower, personal strength, and courage. An emblem that allows us to authentically share the Wootz Life ethos, one that encourages every one of us to embrace our identity & celebrate our heritage.